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Carrellee (Solo): Wisconsin singer-lyricist, Carrellee offers an understated meditation on love, life, and loss. Drawn from years on the Twin Cities music scene and thousands of miles on the road, Carrellee weaves together a night of homespun folk-rock, and hand-crafted covers on piano, guitar, and mandolin.

Kivi & Pray (Duo): Kivi & Pray are two Wisconsin songwriters who perform, record, and travel together. 8 years and 10,000 miles on the road, Thomas Kivi and Sarah Pray have blended their influences together into a fresh, honest blend of Americana. Equipped with two guitars and a mandolin, Kivi & Pray perform with soulful sincerity. The pair released a 13-song original album, Cornucopia in 2013, and continually add classic and contemporary songs to their catalog of covers.

All photos by John Hart Photography.

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